CATIA PLM Weekly Email 0708 -Getting and Installing The CATIA Documentation Part 1

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CATIA Documentation Part 1

Ah such a huge part of what has made CATIA V5 better than V4. The Doc’s are filled with so much information that a user can teach themselves to use CATIA/Enovia with just the doc’s. A few of my former co-workers taught and still do teach themselves on how to use CATIA just by using the documentation. There are a few things that we need to cover to make sure that you can use the CATIA Documentation to its fullest. We are going to break this up into a 2-3 part email so as to not over load you with information.

Getting the Software and installing it.
Once it is installed how to share it and what is the Ideal way to do it and what I have gotten to work.
Any additional Software that is needed to make it work
Using the Doc’s using the Search and the Printing capabilities and what happened to the PDF’s.
Getting the Software and installing it.

The CATIA Documentation is always shipped with the CATIA Code. But, what if you didn’t get shipped the code but rather downloaded it from a server at your office, had your Business Partner burn a CD and it shipped to you, or you got it some other way? So you were able to get to code but the question is now how do you get the Doc’s? Because the Doc’s contain so much information they are HUGE and downloading them is not practical. The CATIA V5R17 is being shipped on 4 CD’s, and there doesn’t seem to be an end in site for them to get any smaller. So back to the original question, how do you get them? Well the easiest way to do it is to order them via the IBM Techsupport Website. (Click here for the email concerning that) If you have already signed up as an IBM Registered User for PLM Technical Support you may click here to order them. . If you haven’t registered I would recommend doing it but for now you may just need to contact your business partner.

Dassault Systemes releases Service pack Documentation. It has been said that they will release 3 versions of the doc’s; General Availability (GA), Service Pack 2 and Service Pack 4. I have personally only seen GA and Service Pack 2. The bummer for the Doc’s is that unlike the Code Service Pack there is no Delta – meaning that you must remove and completely reinstall the Documentation.

Installing the doc’s is very easy to do. But like all things CATIA there are a few different ways to do it. When installing the Doc’s the very, very, very first thing to do is to turn off any virus scan software or monitoring software. The Doc’s take a LONG time to load and will take even longer if every script/html/file is scanned during the loading process.

The first and most obvious way to install them is to do it at the same time you install CATIA/Enovia. There is a check box asking you if you would like to install the Documentation after installing the Code. If you check yes the Installer will prompt you to insert CD 1 of 4 for the Documentation after the Code has been unloaded and continue on till all 4 have been loaded.


If are installing it after the Code has been installed or you are installing it on a machine without CATIA installed on it you insert CD 1 and if the auto run doesn’t start up then you will need to execute the Setup .exe on the CD.

Either way you will need to follow the prompts. You will be asked to select the Documents you wish to install. Dassault has added a feature to the installation to auto select the products you have installed there fore reducing the amount of space used. My recommendation is to install all the materials. You will never know when you want to find out about how to set the XXX on a Surface.


You can copy all the contents of all the CD’s into one folder, for example C:\V5Docs. Then you must delete the index files C:\V5dDocs\online\CATIA_INDEXFile.DSidx and C:\V5Docs\online\CATIA_INDEXFile.SOLidx. Then copy the following files to replace the ones that were deleted. C:\B17doc\onlineCATIA_INDEXFile.DSall to C:\B17doc\online\CATIA_INDEXFile.DSidx and C:\B17doc\online\CATIA_INDEXFile.SOLall to C:\B17doc\online\CATIA_INDEXFile.SOLidx

Please be aware that if you cancel the first 2 installations at anytime the installer will REMOVE all the files that have been placed on the machine.

Next week More about the CATIA Doc’s