CATIA PLM Weekly Email 0709 -Configuring The CATIA Documentation and Additional Software Needed Part 2

Attn: CATIAHotline PLM’er,

A few things to cover before diving into the CATIA Doc’s Part 2. We are finally live on the Web. To quote Chris W. who has been very helpful in setting this up, “BAM! We’re up…”
I am going to set up a link from the blog page to it so that site won’t be monitored anymore.

As always I’m open to suggestions. So on with the Doc’s…

CATIA Documentation Part 2

So last week we got into the first part of this series; the grooviness of the CATIA/Enovia Documentation, how and where to get them, and installing the CATIA Documentation. This week we are going to focus on three things; accessing it once it is installed, sharing it with your coworkers, and other software that is needed to ensure that your installation is usable by not only you but by all.

Just a recap of what we sent out last week. We are done with No. 1 and onto No 2 and No 3.
1. Getting the Software and installing it.
2. Once it is installed how to share it and what is the Ideal way to do it and what I have gotten to work.
3. Any additional Software that is needed to make it work
4. Using the Doc’s using the Search and the Printing capabilities and what happened to the PDF’s.

Accessing the CATIA Documentation, both inside of CATIA and outside of it.
So you have installed the documentation and are eagerly wanting to learn CATIA using them. Well my fellow PLM’er you aren’t that
far away from becoming a CATIA Expert. If you installed the CATIA Documentation when you installed CATIA it should work out of the box with out any additional work from you. But if you installed it Post installation then we have a few things to accomplish to ensure that it works. One way I will cover in this email and the other way will be covered in a later email that will deal with the Environment file.

If you installed the Doc’s when you installed CATIA you should only have to select Help -> CATIA V5 Help or you may just push F1. Either way will start your CATIA Session will start up in your the Browser that you have chosen as your default browser and inside of it will be your CATIA Doc’s. (This would be a good time to mention that the Doc’s can be used in both Internet Explorer and Mozilla.) Not only will it start it up in your browser with out any assistance from you but it will start up accessing the very function that is active in your CATIA/Enovia Session. For example if you have selected the Hide/Show Icon and need to know how to do that. Select F1 and your CATIA Session will start up explaining how to Swap visible space and to place geometry into it. In most help pages you will be given examples and a step by step for using that application. Pretty cool huh?

Now lets say that you didn’t install the Doc’s after you installed CATIA. Well if that is the case then when you select F1 or Help -> CATIA V5 Help what will happen is that CATIA will Pop up an window called ‘Doc Installation Path’ basically saying ‘Where are the Doc’s?” It will give you the opportunity to point your CATIA Session to the appropriate directory by giving you a file manager to surf to your location. To access them just surf to the location that you installed them at. The default is C:\Program Files\Dassault Systems\BXXDoc. Then select OK and try to start the Doc’s again.

Now if that doesn’t work (Which believe it or not Sometimes things inside of CATIA don’t work the way they are suppose to) the other thing to try is inside of the CATIA CATSettings. You can access the CATSettings by select Tools -> Options inside CATIA. Select the General Work bench -> Help. This will open up the panel where you can either type in the path or you can select the Folder icon and surf to it and set it. Make sure that you enter the path up to the English Directory. (Issues with the CATSettings Click here for that email)

How to share it.
So if you have installed the Doc’s vs. just reading this and the previous email and are now at this point then you know how long it takes to load them. Well how about installing them on multiple machines? I thought not. So the next best thing would be to share them. Well there are a few different ways to do this as well. You can share them via NFS or using http. Using Windows you can share it with NFS by right clicking over the folder and selecting sharing. Using the same method you can share them via http but to do that you must install IIS. With Unix you can share to other Unix machines using NFS or http. For http it is best to use Apache. If you want to share them with NFS to another UNIX machine that is built in. But you must use Samba to share them via NFS to a windows
machine. I have found that with the scripts that are used and need to be executed that using NFS is the better of the 2 methods.

Additional Software.
To run the CATIA Documentation on your PC you will need one of the following browers;
Microsoft Internet Explorer at a minimum level of 6.0 (Click here for the lastest IE)
Mozilla 1.7 with Java plug in installed. (Click here for the lastest Mozilla)
In addition to a Java-enabled Web browser, Java Plug-in at level 1.4 is required to search online documentation. (Click here for the lastest Java)

Next week is last in this series for the CATIA Online Doc’s. We will be talking about using them, searching in them and printing them off.

Oh and as always if you want to be removed from the list then let me know or if you know of someone who would benefit from these then let them know to let me know so that then they can know.