CATIA PLM Weekly Email 0710 – How to use the CATIA Documentation and what happened to the PDF’s Part 3

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CATIA Documentation Part 3

So last week we got into the second part of this series; accessing the CATIA Doc’s once they are installed, sharing them with your coworkers, and other software that is needed to ensure that your installation is usable by not only you but by all.

Just a recap of what we laid out last week. We are done with No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 now on with No. 4.

1. Getting the Software and installing it.
2. Once it is installed how to share it and what is the Ideal way to do it and what I have gotten to work.
3. Any additional Software that is needed to make it work
4. Using the Doc’s using the Search and the Printing capabilities and what happened to the PDF’s.

Using the Doc’s.
The CATIA Documentation is very intuitive. It gives you many examples on which you can learn the functionality of CATIA V5. So lets say you want to know how to us some function in CATIA. Well if you are in the middle of that function inside of CATIA you can select F1 (If that doesn’t work then refer back to last week’s email). Or you can open up the documentation and start at the home page. There are 2 parts to the Documentation. One is the user interface,
this is the one that the majority of you will use all the time. Then there is the Automation side. This will be used by some of you the majority of the time. If you are unaware as to what it is then you are with the Majority not the Minority.

Let us assume that you are getting very savy with CATIA V5, but you need some assistance in creating a background view in Drafting. Well you know that the background view is in the Generative Drafting toolset so all you need to do is access that toolset in the doc’s and then look through the list until you find something that pertains to the Background View.


You can select the Binoculars at the top of the screen. This will take you to the Search page. Then you can type in the Keywords that you wish to search for and see if you can narrow it down.

The Printing Capabilities and what happened to the PDF’s

I’m going to answer the latter first then the first later. The PDF’s were an extra CD so Dassault decided that instead of sending out the Doc’s with the PDF’s they would enhance the capabilities of the Printing feature inside of the CATIA Documentation. You can Now print off the entire page and it’s direct links by selecting the Print button. This will not go past the first link.

One last thing is that if you hit F1 and the subject that you are wanting information on is not mapped then it goes to the ‘Selecting Objects’ window.