CATIA PLM Weekly Email 0727 – Changing the CATIA Splash Screen?

Attn: CATIAHotline PLM’er,

Have you ever wanted to change the CATIA Splash Screen? I know the Dassault Default Splash Screen is so freaking cool But wouldn’t it be fun just to jazz it up a little bit.. You know add your own flavor to it. Or maybe you are a World of War Craft Player and want to show off your new Character. Or maybe you don’t want it to show at all. Well this is the email for you.

So the first thing we need to do is located the file. The Splash files are located in C:\Program Files\Dassault Systems\B##\intel_a\resources\graphic\splashscreens


There are 4 files; CATIASplash.bmp, DMUSplash.bmp, ENOVIASplash.bmp, and Install.bmp. We are going to deal with the CATIASplash.bmp. This is this the bitmap that pops up when you start CATIA. You can add anything you want to this. Just open it up into your favorite Picture editor and add the images or remove things or what not. Then save it as a bmp. I did mine in MS Paint. How does it look?? Now all i have to do is to replace the CATIASplash.bmp in the default location with this one and bingo. I now have a customized Splash Screen. Shoot you can have this one if you would like.


The last part of this email would be if you didn’t want to see it at all. Just remove the .bmp from the directory and you will be CATIASplash screen free.

Have a great week.


PS Take a look at our products they are definately growing. CATSettingsTool is now available. It allows you to back up your CATSettings and reset them to either the Default or your restore a previous backup.