CATIA PLM Weekly Email 0735 – Changing the System Default Unit of Measurement

Attn: CATIAHotline PLM’er,

I received an email the a few weeks ago from Robbie B. His question was this “We use Enovia here and I want to know how to make the system default into Inch mode instead of Metric.”

Well the answer can be fairly simple or very complex depending on how many machines you have and if you want to set up an administrative environment. To do the Environment contact me as it is more involved and takes planning and such.

Before we continue on it would be kinda nice to know how CATIA works with Units. CATIA’s Default Model Unit is 1.0. It just so happens that 1.0 in the CATIA Model Unit is equal to 1.0 Millimeters. Is this a coincidence.. Probably not but there it is. But because CATIA is neither Metric or Standard it gives it more flexibility. Everything is multiplied by it’s value.

Here are a couple of Examples;
1 Inch = 1 CATIA Unit X 25.4
1 Foot = 1 CATIA Unit X 304.8
1 Yard = 1 CATIA Unit X 914.4
1 Millimeter = 1 CATIA Unit X 1
1 Centimeter = 1 CATIA Unit X 100
1 Meter = 1 CATIA Unit X 1000
OK so enough of that stuff. On to the Trick.

1. Don’t for get to back up your CATSettings (We have a tool to do that for sale Email me for more info)

2. Whether you are in Enovia or CATIA or Delmia select Tools -> Options

3. In the Options Panel select General -> Parameters and Measure -> Units

4. Change the Length form Millimeters to Inches

5. Select OK and you are now in Inches.

Note that even though your CATIA Model space is set to Standard if you haven’t changed your Standards then your Dimensions will come out in Metric.