CATIA PLM Weekly Email 0737 – Modifying the Title Block Macro

Attn: CATIAHotline PLM’er,

Well they have finally done it. My former employer has finally lost the last Cascade CAD/CAM employee. Jim O. left a few weeks ago and when that happened they lost one of the best Design/Demo/Instructor’s out there. Jim is someone that I admire and respect here. Some of you may have met him as he has done the Top Gun for a while. He is one of those types of guys that if he doesn’t know the answer to your question he will not only find out the answer but they who, what, where, when, and how for you.

TGS has lost on of there most valuable employees and I’m not sure if they realize it or not. In his place they have put in a couple of new employee’s that are trying, very poorly from what I have heard, to cover the calls that Jim would have answered in a few seconds. Jim will be missed. Oh and Stu, one of the top sales guys there, was let go last week. Will the last one to leave please turn out the lights…..

OK on with the Mailer. Have you ever wanted to Automate something inside of CATIA? Well to do this there are a few different levels of Programming that can be done. One way is by using VBScripting. There are a few others but this is the one that we are going to concentrate on today.

There are already a few VBScripts/Macros that we can execute inside of CATIA. The one that I would show Students in the Admin Class are the Title Block Macros. They are located in the following directory: C:\Program Files\Dassault Systems\B##\intel_a\VBScript

There are a few Macros in there but the one that we are going to play with is located in the FrameTitleBlock directory. The script is called Drawing_Titleblock_Sample1.CATScript. (Click here Script to open up script).

To execute this script you must start up CATIA and open up a CATDrawing. Then select Tools -> Macro -> Macros. In the pop up panel select the Macro libraries… Button. Then from the Pull down change your ‘Library Type from All libraries to Directories. Select the Add existing Library.. Button and then change the directory to
C:\Program Files\Dassault Systems\B##\intel_a\VBScript\FrameTitleBlock
Select Close. Now Select Drawing_Titleblock_Sample1.CATScript and select Run. Your Title Block has now been created.
We are going to make a small change to it. To do this you will need to open up the CATScript inside of the Editor. To do this you will need to go back in to the Macros Panel by selecting Tools -> Macro -> Macros. Select the Script you wish to change and select Edit. We are going to select the Drawing_Titlebloc_Sample1.CATScript. Search for DASSAULT and change the Variable Text_11 from “DASSAULT SYSTEMES” to a Company of your choosing. Then Save and Close the Macro and Run it again. Look in the Title Block and you should see the Value for the Company you put in there instead of DASSAULT SYSTEMES.

Next week I’ll put show you how to execute a Macro during the Start of CATIA.