CATIA PLM Weekly Email 0738 – Creating a Macro to run During CATIA Startup

Attn: CATIAHotline PLM’er,

Last week we talked about Macro’s and edited the Title Block Macro that comes with CATIA. This Macro is executed inside of CATIA via the Tools -> Macro pull down. This week we are going to talk about how to execute Macros while CATIA is Starting.

First we are going to need a Macro. So to do this I’m going to use one that was passed on to me many moons ago. I’m not sure who sent it to me but it is a fun one. This Macro is very useful if you install more than one version of CATIA on your machine and don’t want to always go to the Help -> About CATIA Pull down. This Macro Places all good Info in the Title Bar of CATIA.

Basically if you have ever wondered how to get CATIA to tell you what Version it is running in an easy to find place then this will answer your prayers. Here are the Before and After Pics.


Notice the R17 addition to the Title Bar. OK the Script is as follows.

Sub CATMain()

sNames = Split(CATIA.FullName, “\”)
CATIA.Caption = Mid(CATIA.Caption, 1, 8) & ” R” & Mid(sNames(UBound(sNames) – 4), 2) & ” Brought to you by”

End Sub

Or you can download it hereĀ Script 2

Place it in a directory where it won’t go away. You can put it in the CATIA Code Directory. Warning if there are spaces in the Directory you will need to use Quotes around it.


OK so you have the Catvbs file downloaded and saved as a .catvbs file. Next you will need to modify the Shortcut on your Desktop to add the call out for the Macro. Right Click over the Icon and select Properties. Then go to the ‘Target:’ and using the arrow button then go to the “CNEXT.exe”. After the .exe add a space and the following
-macro C:\Full\Directory\Version.catvbs. Make sure you add it inside of the quotes (See Image).

Select OK and that is it. Start up CATIA and you should see RXX Brought to you by

Now isn’t that Special!!


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