CATIA PLM Weekly Email 0740 – Which Third Party Viewer is right for you?

Attn: CATIAHotline PLM’er,

This weeks mailer is about viewing 3D Data along with Viewing FT&A Data with an external Viewer.

Why would you want/care to do this you may ask. Well for someone who is going to be doing bids or quotes do they really need a full blown seat of CATIA? I think not. We all know that CATIA can be fairly expensive so anything we can do to cut costs is to the advantage of all.

So what is out there. Well Dassault has a couple of products; Enovia/DMU and 3DLive Viewer. There are also a couple of 3rd party products out there as well; Cimmetry, Adobe3D, eDrawings are the ones that I know of. So here is what I have found out.

Dassault’s Product Enovia/DMU – This by far is the best one out there. You can View FT&A, Measure, Assemble, and much more. You can view/open CATParts/CATProduct/V4 Models/V4 Sessions, and with the proper plugsins (Which means more money) you can view many other CAD Platforms, as well as Step and IGES. Enovia/DMU performs just like Native CATIA. It actually looks and functions the same way. The Price Tag…. $2500 PLC along with Training someone to use it that can make this the pricest one out there.

Dassault’s Product 3DLive Viewer – This is the newest Solution offered by Dassault. It is said to beable to view FT&A data but after that I’m not sure. It is to be released with R18. There isn’t much out there on it but it seems promising and with a cost of $1000 it is far more appealing than Enovia/DMU to the average person, but, again don’t forget the training and administration.

Dassault 3DXML Viewer – It is effective in viewing just the 3D Data. No FT&A here my friends. But it does have a measure function and you can ‘Pull Apart’ assemblies. Price Free… Now I’m liking that price.

Cimmetry’s AutoVue – This viewer does the same with added features such as Marking up. This is also a favorite viewer for SmarTeam. It is awesome if you want to use it for not the latest release of CATIA as they don’t keep it coming out shortly after the release. It seems to take a while.

Adobe3D and Deep Exploration work the same. They both perform well but when you View/Migrate the Arc Dimensions they are visible and accurate but they are no longer ‘Arc’s’ but they are straight lines. The other problem with this is that we were quoted $60,000 for the server software. There is a ‘Single User’ License that is about $1000 bucks. It works the same as the Server Edition but it is one CATPart/CATProduct at a time.

eDrawings except that they seem to have a hard time releasing with the latest and greatest release fo CATIA. eDrawings i was told works but It doesn’t seem to do the ‘Arc’ Dimensions.

So here everyone sits… Wondering which way to go and right now it seems that 3DLive is the way to go if it holds up to the hype. Adobe3D would be awesome if they get there price down on the Server Edition so I’m gonna leave it up to you all. Also would love to know what everyone else is doing for this solution.

Happy CATIA’ing