CATIA PLM Weekly Email 0801 – Different Ways to Install CATIA

Attn: CATIAHotline PLM’er,

Happy New Year!!! Oh wait it is like May. Well This is the official first mailer of the year so it counts right?? Well many of you have emailed and have asked if I was still alive or if CATIAHotline was still active. The answer to both is Yes. I took a little Hiatus from sending out mailers but I figured this has been way to long. So enough about that and on with the Show.

Today I’m going to talk about the a few different ways you can install CATIA. Then in the next few mailers I’m going to talk more in depth on them.

The Local Installation – The easiest and most common way to install CATIA is to insert the CD’s and Double Click on the Setup.exe.

The Networked Installation – This one is a little bit more complex as you need to copy the contents of the CD’s to a Networked Drive and then Double Click on the Setup.exe.

Then there is the ‘Silent’ installation also called Installing CATIA in Batch Mode. This one is has more steps and well can be a wee bit tricky. It uses either a .bat file or a command that is executed from a Command Prompt.

For those of you with a Massively fast Network there is the Thin Client. Using this approach requires a Excellent Network Infrastructure and I would recommend a 1Gig Network.

And Lastly is Distributing software in Compressed Mode. This mode is kind of a collection of almost all of these. It is probably the most complex one out there but it is the fastest.

With that I bid you ado until next week. We’ll dive into these with vim and vigor and hopefully help you out loads.