CHExtractor v1.1


The CHExtractor program was written to assist users in Importing V4 Sequential Files into V5. The CHExtractor will import any exp and dlv3 files that are added to the list and selected. Yes I know that Dassault has one already but this one works outside the box.
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PreLim v1.0


This Macro is used to create a ‘PRELIMINARY’ Stamp on a Drawing and save it out as a PDF. This little guy can do either the Active CATDrawing or a list of CATDrawings.
I used vba for this one.


The usage of PDM systems like SmarTeam is becoming more and more popular. Especially because Dassault is offering SmarTeam license’s for free with the PLM Express Package (Ask me about SmarTeam implementations). The ability to sync parameters with a PDM System, such as SmarTeam, is becoming more and more important. But the tedious task of creating the Parameters is a pain. I’ve made a few macros/programs to automate this.


By associating a number to a dimension the dimension can identified and then the Item Number and Dimension can be placed in a spread sheet.

Startup v1.0


This was a fun program to write. The requirements where as follows:
Need to create a new Part/Product/Drawing.
The ability to select an existing Document for Parameters (Vendor,
PartNumber, Description, etc)
The ability to choose to Browse to a Document, Select the Active one or fill
out a Form
The ability to add Sheets to an existing Drawing with a Format.
The ability to Update a Format if it is old.
The ability to add Parameters to sync with SmarTeam.
The ability to select from more than one type of Drawing Format.
I used Visual Basic 2008 for this Project. The next step for this one is to add a listing of Notes to select from depending on the Drawing that is selected

CATIA Start v2.0


Have 50 CATIA Icons on your Desktop? Tired of recreating your CATSettings? Have loads of different Customer Configurations to try to keep track of? Well CATIA Start is the answer for you. CATIA Start is an all in one CATIA launching tool that allows for Admin Mode, CATIA Version Management, Easy Access to CATIA Documentation, Easy Customer Folder Creations and more. Compatible with both 32bit and 64bit platforms.
Click here for the Help Docs

Find and Replace


Ever have to replace a string in a file name but not just one part how about an entire slew of parts and products because some gomer messed up on the naming convention? Well look no further as here is your answer. This little buddy will replace an existing string with a new string and save the document.



And it delivers. This fancy little tool will allow the user to rename all the parts and products and will match the filename and part number to each other for each and every part/product in in the active document. You can exclude parts/product. You can just add a prefix. You can also add a prefix for Parts and Products.

Drawing Parameters


Lets the user create and Link Drawing Parameters to drawings. This will allow you to sync with a PDM System as well as make it easier to modify the Usernames and other Drawing information. Also will roll your Rev Block to the next revision with a desciption.

CH Parts List


Creates a Parts List for you. It gives will give you 3 different BOM’s: Top – Just the Active Product, Full – All Products that in the active Product also a full read out of what is contained in the top product all the way down to the last bolt, Single Full – Just the output from the entire Product down to the last bolt and washer. Output into Excel.
Check out the Help Docs here.

Smarteam Helper


This tool will notify you if the Part Number and File Name don’t match.  If the Instance Names don’t match.  If the Part/Product is missing Nomenclature.  If the Part does not have any material assigned to it.  What the Weight Break down is.  It also allows you to reorder from the front panel and it will give you a report of what you are looking at in Excel.
Check out the Help Docs here.
Next for ST Helper is Enovia DMU Support, Replacing Components from the ST Helper Window, more
selectable parameters, and what ever else I can stick into it.