Trial Weekly Email 0602 – Reading the Minimal Version inside of the CATIA File

Attn: CATIAHotline PLM’er

CATIA V5 / Enovia DMU – Version, Release, Service Pack, Hotfix issue

Three facts regarding CATIA V5 / Enovia DMU, and the Version, Release, Service Pack, Hotfix issue.

Typically, CATIA V5 data cannot be read in an earlier version of CATIA V5, or Enovia DMU V5.
Every year, there are at least two “release” levels, many service packs, and many hotfixess offered for CATIA V5, and Enovia DMU V5.
There is no “standard” version for companies developing CATIA V5 data; therefore it seems that no two companies are operating in the same version of CATIA V5.
All of this complexity can be remedied by installing the very latest version of CATIA V5 / Enovia DMU, keeping up to date on the latest service packs, and hotfixes as well. However, if your company has chosen a “standard” version of CATIA V5 / Enovia DMU, or if you absolutely need to stay in sync with the people you need to share data with, then the this issue really becomes a software management problem.

How do we know what Version, Release, Service Pack, and Hotfix is required to read the CATIA V5 data sent to you: We have found an easy way to get that information. Simply open the CATIA file inside of your favorite Word Processor, and search for the “Minimal” Version To Read.

Step 1. Start up your word processor. (Notepad, WordPad, Word, StarOffice, etc.)

Step 2. Select File -> Open

Step 3. Surf to the CATIA File and select Open. Hint you may need to change it from Text files to All Files

Step 2. Select Edit -> Find

Step 3. Type in ‘Minimal’ (minus the quotes) and select Go.

My search showed the following after the words MinimalVersionToRead CATIAV5R14 .

We have found this works on all .CATPart, and CATProduct files … other CATIA V5 data types would need to be tested.